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MyHealthPass Keeping the environment safe MyHealthPass Keeping the environment safe

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How MyHealthPass Works

Covid19 has had an unprecedented effect in our lives and on the economy. This is a crisis like no other, and there is substantial uncertainty about its impact on people’s lives and livelihoods.The containment measures due to Covid has resulted in over 9 trillion dollars worth of losses in output and a fall in -3 percent in global growth, making it the worst recession in history since the Great Depression.

MyHealthPass is an app designed to restore trust by tracking and informing users if they are at risk of being close to a cluster in 3 easy steps.

Step 1

Scan QR code

Users scan the QR code before entering a building and fill in a health declaration form, saving their health profile for the day.

Step 2

Complete e-forms

The system runs a check of places to ensure the info filled in is accurate and gives the green light to enter the vicinity. If the person is at risk either because they have checked in to a nearby cluster or due to symptoms declared, the app will show a no-go.

Step 3


Individuals get to store a data chain of their history of check ins, their medical conditions and temperatures in one convenient location, with AI doctor function on call if they do not feel well.


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      Our Story

      Covid19 has caused great impact to businesses and lives the world has not seen. More than 30 million people infected, 950,000 deaths, more than 400m jobs displaced and worldwide economic loss approx U$ 9 trillion. myHealthPass, a digital infectious disease application platform, was designed and built, keeping both users and businesses at its forefront of its applications. Noting that the health and economy are vital to the livelihood of billions. We have applications to offer access, monitor, validate and trace with AI capabilities for users and businesses.

      Our Vision

      Business & Property Owners are at the forefront of our application. We recognise that its important for businesses to stay viable and open themselves to the world. however the business needs support and help. myHealthPass has built a comprehensive application tool for businesses to offer access and monitor all those who enter their facilities and premises; this will help offer risk management contingency plans for building owners and businesses should a need arise. The application can be used in any facilities where masses of people congregate and gather. office buildings and complexes, malls, theatres, sport stadiums, airports, railway stations; it is highly scalable and user friendly; most of all all personal data are secured and ring fenced only for the user access.


      myHealthPass was built with the business owners mind. We understand the difficulties of small, medium and large businesses and how they have suffered; hence therefore we built a platform whereby businesses will be able to manage and monitor internal environments. We built a strong layer of governance and applied best practices to ensure all businesses and users are safeguarded.